SINCE 1997

Ansel Adams Wilderness - Day 4: Sadler Lake - A View from Above and a Hike to McClure Lake

Thursday morning (after coffee of course) found me rock hoping up the mountain behind our camp for a bird's eye view of the Sadler Lake and the valley to our south.

I spent the rest of the morning stalking cute little furry rodents and shooting videos by the lake.

By 12:45 we headed out on a short hike to McClure Lake.

The trail once again followed a lush creek leading up to a small waterfall were we stopped for lunch, pictures and some more videos.

We arrived at McClure Lake around 2:45 and engaged in general cavorting around the southern shore of the lake.

Unfortunately, it was here, that my camera with my favorite wide angle lens attached, took a dive on to the rock below.

Miraculously, the camera seems to have survived the fall. The lens however suffered some damage and while still useable, became hard to zoom and as I later discovered had light streaks on all the image taken with it (thank you Photoshop).